Protecting your toys

Choosing the Right Insurance for Your Toys

If you often go on long motorcycle trips away from home, consider a motorcycle policy that includes Trip Interruption. This coverage pays for your transportation, food and lodging if you get stranded on a road trip.

If your motorcycle is brand-new or less than two years old, consider adding Total Loss Replacement to your policy. If your bike is stolen or totaled, this coverage will pay for a brand-new bike of the same make and model.

If you're insuring your RV through an endorsement on your auto policy, consider specialized RV insurance. Dedicated RV coverage will pay for many incidents that an auto policy won't. For example, an auto policy will leave you out in the cold if your RV breaks down while you're away from home, but Progressive's specialized RV policy with Emergency Expense coverage will pay for lodging and transportation until your RV is fixed. And unlike an auto policy, stolen items like electronics are covered if you have Replacement Cost Personal Effects coverage.

If your boat is insured through an endorsement on your homeowners policy, consider a specialized boat policy. Progressive's boat policy offers coverages beyond the scope of a standard homeowners policy, like Roadside Assistance, which covers towing for your boat, trailer and your tow vehicle, even if your car or truck is insured with another insurance company.

Adding specialized coverages like these to your policies can be less expensive than you think. For example, Progressive's Trip Interruption coverage for motorcycles costs as little as $5 a year with Roadside Assistance – a small price to pay for peace of mind when you're on the road. Ask your local independent agent which policies are right for you and your toys.

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